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Saturday 12 January 18:30
AGM and Wholefood Supper KSCC Kenilworth

Supper dishes

With the prospect of a new year of HEOG events to contemplate we will be rounding off the festive season with our ever-popular bring-and-share wholefood supper. Organic drinks will be available.

Supper will be preceded by our AGM and afterwards we will be looking back at 2018's challenging growing season and looking for lessons learned. We will also be previewing events for the coming year.

Please let us know if you are coming and what dish you would like to bring.

Map and directions - please note change to car park charge


Pre-order your Seed Potatoes for Potato Day
- download the varieties and order form here

POTATO DAY AND SEED SWAP - 2 February 2018
Now is the time of year for seed saving - for yourself and for the HEOG Seed Swap at the Potato Day in February. Please package seeds into small envelopes or packets and label with the name of the plant and variety if known. Flower and vegetable seeds accepted, trees and shrubs too, but please no curcubits (squash, pumpkins, courgettes etc) as they hybridise too readily.

If you have bought seed packets which are still in date, these are also welcome. For the creative you can have a look on Pinterest for seed packet designs - the origami ones are gorgeous! Real Seeds have some detailed seed saving instructions here, but essentially - collect the seed, dry it if necessary, pack it. Happy Seed Saving!

Forthcoming Events 2019

Saturday 2 February 10:00
Kenilworth Potato Day and Seed Swap KSCC Kenilworth

Monday 18 March 19.30
Bumblebees (TBC) KSCC Kenilworth

Monday 15 April
Members Evening KSCC Kenilworth

We have an ongoing programme of talks and visits in preparation. Please contact us if you would like to join our email list and be sent details of events as soon as they are available.

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Directions to
Kenilworth Senior Citizens Club
Wilton Court, Abbey End Car Park, Kenilworth, CV8 1QJ

Kenilworth Senior Citizens Club is part of the Wilton Court Assisted Living complex and the entrance is located in Abbey End Car Park, to the rear of The Almanac Restaurant, postcode CV8 1QJ.

Parking is adjacent to the entrance in Abbey End Car Park, which is behind the shops facing the Clock Tower. Additional parking in Square West car park, signposted to left of the Holiday Inn (see map).

Please note that the car parks are pay & display, including evening and overnight (£1.00 after 6pm).

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New Members and Guests

Guests and new members are always welcome at our events. They can come along as guests before they join for a small fee. Contact Ross if you’d like to come along.

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