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the very best in recycled paper and stationery products

100% recycled copier, inkjet & laser printer paper

Copier boxes on sack barrowRecycled copier, inkjet
and laser printer papers

Here they are - recycled papers which are happy to be used for whatever you need them. Photocopy, laser printer or ink-jet - these are all guaranteed to perform as well as any equivalent conventional virgin-pulp paper.

And by buying recycled you are closing the loop - between the paper you buy and the paper you send to recycle. Remember - Recycling doesn't happen until you buy the recycled product!

  • No compromises
    up to 100% post-consumer waste fibre - you get back you have sent to recycle. Fully recyclable and biodegradeable (but we wouldn't want you to do that, anyway!)

  • No problems
    paper dust and copier jams are a thing of the past - these papers meet every known standard in the industry

  • No duplication
    choose the best paper for you and use it for all your printer and copier jobs.

Xerox Recycled

Natural off-white paper containing part de-inked 100% post-consumer waste, plus a range of natural tints. Carries all European environmental awards - the paper of choice for the concerned office user. more...

Xerox Supreme TintsXerox Recycled
Supreme Tints

A range of tints from the Xerox Supreme range, made from 80% recycled fibre more...

Evolution Business

Formerly sold under the Evolve label, this is the top of the range recycled paper for business use - very bright white especially recommended for colour ink-jets and copiers, which is also available in a heavier 100gm weight. more...


for your home and office labelling needs see:

Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets Self-adhesive labels
on A4 sheets


for A4 card weights see also:

Cyclus - four weights 100gm² - 250gm²

Millstream - 200gm² in 6 tints


Recycled Paper Supplies - the very best in recycled paper and stationery products