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About us

This site ranges over a number of different areas which are important to us, and which are all connected in an ecological way.

Firstly, it demonstrates our design philosophy, which includes web-site design. We hope you find this site gives you fast and easy access to information, making it more rewarding to visit. Graphics may be restrained compared to some sites, but we believe faster loading and efficient linking can make the whole experience much more useful to visitors.

We also provide useful information about recycled paper and related issues, and an updated on-line catalogue of recycled stationery products, offering the widest variety of products, along with detailed information about their waste content and uses.

Supplying by mail order makes recycled paper accessible to those who might otherwise be unable to obtain it, and also compliments our graphic design business by making the specialised services we offer more widely available. Our fully equipped studio offers computer graphic, typesetting and illustration facilities and we also have a more traditionally equipped workshop where we print personal stationery and other recycled products.

Being a small business offers much to both our customers and the environment. We can take more care about the materials we use and our small scale processes are more flexible and minimise waste. All enquiries and orders receive our personal attention.

We produce as much of our own food as possible in an holistic, organic system where all waste is re-used as part of a continuous regenerating cycle. We try to apply this philosophy throughout - including our work.

The way all of us live and work matters - for us, our grandchildren and the future of the planet.

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Recycled Paper Supplies - the very best in recycled paper and stationery products